Get yourself energized to face the challenges in life! Ayurvedic treatment resorts in Kerala are all set to recharge your body, mind, and soul.

Hair Fall Treatment

How To Control Hair Fall Nowadays hair fall is a common problem for both men and women, thus especially in summer, people’s want a solution for “how to control hair fall” in a short time and here it is.

How To Prevent Obesity Naturally

How To Reduce Obesity Naturally First of all, you got to understand that is not a serious disease, it is the after effect of your eating habit, physical inactivity, genetics, and some sort of medicinal reasons. When you consult with your family doctor.

Meditation And Ayurveda

The Effect Of Meditation And Ayurveda Introduction Ayurvedic Medicine explains the process of disease formation in simple words. According to Ayurvedic principles disease begins when we forget our true nature. Known as the “Primordial Cause” of disease, disturbances to our true nature as we forget the mind is a place of purity

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